Taxation and Fiscal Representation

  • Free Initial Tax Advice
  • English speaking Tax Advisors for Non Residents in Spain
  • Dedicated Contact Person for Each Case

Fiscal Representation

  • We act as a fiscal representative for any foreign individual or corporation with the Spanish tax office.
  • It is advisable that any non-resident owning property or with economical interest in Spain appoints a fiscal representative, in order to make sure that they are receiving all tax notifications addressed to them.
  • We will be the contact person with the tax office and receive any notifications or requests on behalf of the client and will in turn inform the client and advise of the necessary action required and reply to the notifications.
  • Also, we will inform the client of the tax liabilities in Spain and prepare the annual tax assessments, lodge the same before the tax office and arrange for payment of the same.
  • We also deal with tax appeals and claims.
The aim of Rafael Berdaguer Abogados is to assist clients in their needs from a legal and fiscal viewpoint both in Spain and throughout the world.