Spanish Legal and Justice Organisations

  • Boletín Oficial del Estado (BOE)
    This is the Spanish government’s official publication where all new laws in Spain are published. The site is in Spanish and includes an online bookstore.

  • Tribunal Constitucional
    This is the Spanish court that is independent from other branches of the judicial system and decides matters involving the Spanish constitution. Information is only in Spanish.

International Law

  • European Union Laws – EUR-LEX
    Provides all the latest information regarding EU laws and is available in several European languages.

  • United Nations
    This collection by the United Nations provides access to all UN Treaties in English and French.


  • Málaga Bar Association
    The legal professionals at Rafael Berdaguer Abogados are members of Málaga’s Bar Association. More information can be obtained here in Spanish.

  • IPG – International Practice Group
    Is a non-profit association of independent lawyers, accountants, tax advisers and other professionals who co-operate to transact international business cost-effectively and to the highest professional standards.

Special Links

  • Bodegas Barbadillo
    Find here, locally produced fine wines that come with Rafael Berdaguer Abogados’ highest recommendation.

  • Yeguada Ardite
    Excellent Breeder of Andalusian (PRE), Arab and Half Arab horses.

  • Spanish Property Insight
    Is a property information website run by Mark Stücklin.