parkcarComplimentary parking facilities are available for our clients.

Please ring 952 82 30 85 to reserve a space in the garage beneath the Azahara Office Building.

To reach the parking facilities, enter Marbella on Avenida Ricardo Soriano (the Marbella high street).

When you reach Deutsche Bank, turn right if you are coming from Puerto Banus and left if you are coming from Málaga.

Take an immediate left on Alonso de Bazan (which runs parallel to Ricardo Soriano – the high street).

Drive approximately 150 metres until you see a small plaza on your left.

Next to the plaza you will see two access ramps to underground parking.

The first ramp will take you to Rafael Berdaguer Abogados’ parking area, where a representative will be waiting to open the gate and show you to your space.