If you live outside the EU, you know it is very difficult to travel around the EU without first obtaining Visa’s for each of the places you want to travel to.

However, if you wish to invest or buy a property in Spain and it is over a certain value, then you can obtain a Golden Visa for Non Residents.

This will allow you to travel around Europe without having to obtain a Visa for each country.

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For the promotion of external investors in our country the Government grants certain facilities for the entrance and stay of foreigners in Spain.

These measures are applicable to foreign investors, entrepreneurs, highly qualified professional, etc and would be applicable to any person in principle NOT belonging to the European Union as people from these countries already benefit from free movement and residence.

So a temporary resident visa will be given to the following investors who will have to justify their investment:

A- Those who invest in Spain in the acquisition of Real Estate for a net amount after deducting mortgage or other charges of more than 500.000 Euros per investor.

B- Those who invest more than 2 million euros in Spanish government bonds or more than 1 Million Euros in shares in Spanish companies.

C- Those who intend to develop an enterprise in our country considered of general interest.

The visa will be valid for at least 1 year.

If you wish to stay in Spain for more than a year as an investor can apply for a residence authorisation, which will be valid for two years.

For this you need to have obtained the visa for investors, and maintain the investments required for the visa.

Also comply with the general requirements , i.e. you cannot be in an irregular situation or have criminal records in Spain and/or the countries where you have lived in the previous five years.

It is also required that you have private medical insurance and and no less than a set amount in a Spanish Bank.

The Golden Visa for non resident investors is attractive to Eastern Europeans and Chinese Investments in Real Estate Properties in Spain.

As once they have obtained their Visa they can travel throughout the EU countries without the need of a further Visa.

On the other hand the holders of the Golden Visa do not become residents of Spain for tax purposes unless you stay in Spain for more than 185 days a year.

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